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Revelation Tarot


Revelation Tarot - Jungian Tarot - Transparent Tarot


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Based on Jungian Psychotherapy Method
Symbols of Healing and Transformation

Revelations - Transparent Symbols

The set of Transparent Symbols was conceived as a complex tool for working with the self, which invites the user to enter into dialogue with his own self and meditate on his own path, past, present and future. Being connected to it, the set becomes a mirror of the soul and gives extremely valuable and profound revelations from within, from the Universe or the space of subconscious and superconscious.

The images of the 72 cards reunite in a single concept elements of

psychology, astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, archetypes and tarot,

this way giving them the opportunity to communicate with each other efficiently and constructively, using a common alphabet, the symbols.

The Symbols contain all the ancestral knowledge, the chronicle in which the history of the world and mankind is written, the language of the ancestors and the language of God, the model that created all the dimensions, the space and the time, because all of these Symbols together form an universal code.


The transparency of the cards offers them the possibility to be superimposed and combined in various images. This way, they expose in front of the user’s awareness a comic book, a movie with ample details, that has the purpose of awakening from his memory or from his subconscious, of bringing out to the surface and unblocking the truth, when viewed in its essence.


Innovative, transformative and complex, the set of Transparent Symbols can be used as a classic divination tool or, even more profound, as a tool for therapy and healing, introspection and meditation, personal development and self-work, as a channel of communication with the subtle world.


The Transparent Symbols can be used both by the therapists as work method with the patients, or by anyone who wants to go beyond the physical world and enter a magical one, a world more vivid than the dimension in which we live - the inner world!


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English edition of the Revelations Tarot will be available soon in our online shop at the price of 63 euro + delivery taxes!

Until then, save your set now and let me know from what part of the world are you! 

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About the creator - Barbara Bacauanu

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